Dec 1, 2011

Here's my review of Original Sin - By @LisaDez (In which I gush like a fan girl) LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!

 Luc Cain was born and raised in Hell, but he isn’t feeling as demonic as usual lately—thanks to Frannie Cavanaugh and the unique power she never realized she had. But you can’t desert Hell without consequences, and suddenly Frannie and Luc find themselves targeted by the same demons who used to be Luc’s allies.
Left with few options, Frannie and Luc accept the protection of Heaven and one of its most powerful angels, Gabe. Unfortunately, Luc isn’t the only one affected by Frannie, and it isn’t long before Gabe realizes that being around her is too…tempting. Rather than risk losing his wings, he leaves Frannie and Luc under the protection of her recently-acquired guardian angel.
Which would be fine, but Gabe is barely out the door before an assortment of demons appears—and they’re not leaving without dragging Luc back to Hell with them. Hell won’t give up and Heaven won’t give in. Frannie’s guardian exercises all the power he has to keep them away, but the demons are willing to hurt anyone close to Frannie in order to get what they want. It will take everything she has and then some to stay out of Hell’s grasp.
And not everyone will get out of it alive.

I think I might be obsessed with this series. (Always a good thing) Usually when reading a book with a love triangle theme... there's a side to pick. One or the other. That's totally not the case with these books. Yes I am gushing like a fangirl right now. I just can't help it! (Notice the overuse of exclamation marks! lol!) One page I'm all for Luc, Next page I'm falling for Gabe! Luc! Gabe! Luc! Gabe! I still can't decide! (Can I have them both?) I totally understand what Frannie is going through. This book had my heart twisting and turning. So much happens!! A surprise at every turn! Just when you think you've got things figured out... you probably don't! *shocks* and *gasps* galore! Not to mention the ending... I'm still trying to catch my breath. That was just... WOW!!! I've read some pretty intense cliff hangers this year and this one definitely sits at the top of the list. I can't wait to read more!!! 5 hearts from me! Or maybe 10!!!! Or more! This series is going on my favorites list! That's for sure!


  1. I've been thinking about getting this for a while now! I think I'm definitely going to have to get onto it now!!

    Great Review!
    Nomalicious Reads

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