Dec 5, 2011

Today's the day!! #TeamEmerson NEEDS your vote!!! #HeroineTourney

Entirely Selfless
Slightly Stubborn
Sometimes shy but never unsocial
 Wears converse
Loves to read
Definitely knows how to fight! (she's got a brown belt)
Likes to talk to ghosts (when no one is watching)
Travels through time
(Can't get any better than that!)

----Why we love her----
Most girls would fall apart after losing both parents. Throw in an overprotective brother with custody over pretty much her entire life, and the fact that she see's ghosts. This girl can definitely hang in there!
After meeting Micheal (potential love of her life), learning about The Hourglass, and being told that the future of everyone she loves rests in her hands.
Does she panic?

That's why we love Emerson Cole!

----What makes her our heroine----
She's smart and true, strong willed to the end.
Never backing down.
Defying all odds.
This girl doesn't need saving.
She knows what it'll take to live, to survive, to save them all!
She'll fix the past, save the future, and get the guy in the end while doing it!

----Emerson vs Katsa----
Katsa might be tough but Emerson has the heart. She's not scared to love or to risk everything for the ones she cares about most. Katsa may have a sword and fighting skills, but can she travel through time!
I don't think so! 

----Still not convinced?----
Here's a little video with a few words from Emerson!

----What if she wins?----
Team Emerson is always prepared! Here's what you've got to look forward too after a Team Emerson Win!

We've got an entirely new set of buttons and avatars featuring
The second book in the Hourglass series set to release in 2012!


A surprise new video from the person that knows Emerson the most!
(Hold your breath Team Micheal fans)
Micheal might make another YA Sisterhood tourney appearance!


The AMAZING Myra McEntire has offered to share tons of prizes, deleted scenes, new super steamy kissy scenes, annotated copies of her books and an ARC of TIMEPIECE!!!
(Check out her site for the details here!!!!)

Now it's up to you Team Emerson!

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