Apr 3, 2012

Check out April's New Releases!!!

This month's video is a few days late... Better late than never right! :)
Here's my New Release Video for April!
What books do you plan to buy this month?
I'm definitely getting Black Heart, Grave Mercy, The Selection, and Masque of The Red Death!
I've already got PURE!!!! Woot! 



  1. Seeing this, there is only one thing for me to say: "April 24th ... You are going to be EXPENSIVE." Thanks for the awesome video. :)

    1. Totally agree!! My bank account is definitely scared of that day! lol! :)

  2. Wow so many awesome books!! I already have read Pure (like 3 copies of it, and loved it!), and Black Heart. I really want to get Glimmer, Unraveling and Social Suicide. I've read Grave Mercy, Masque, and The Immortal rules. I need a finished copy of Masque and TIR though. They were excellent. I have an arc of The Story of Us to read at some point too. I read Ascend last year. I got the whole Trylle Trilogy on my nook. Since my b-day is this month maybe my family and friends will give me bookstore gift cards.

  3. Sheesh, the 24th is going to be a big day.

  4. Oh my gosh, there's so much I have to get this month. It's FULL of awesome releases. Especially the 24th. o: My poor bank account, LOL. Love the video:)