Apr 11, 2012

This Waiting on Wednesday - I'm just plain curious??

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This Weeks Pick 
Expected Release: December 2012
My Thoughts
This cover was only recently released a little over a week ago. When I saw it.. I nearly fell out of my chair! It's so pretty! But my main reason for wanting to read this book... Just plain curiosity! The synopsis for this book isn't even released yet! I'm just dieing to know what could possibly happen next!

The first book Timeless
was a pretty darn good book. I read it in a day (obviously that's saying something) But I wasn't much of a fan of the ending. It ended on a cliff hanger with promises of a sequel. Honestly though.. I didn't think it needed one. The book was fine. Beautiful all on it's own. Making it a series??? Ok?? *shrugs*

I have no idea where the book could possibly go? But I can't wait to find out!


  1. it is a gorgeous cover!

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  2. I haven´t read the first book, I need to catch up.
    thanks for sharing.
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  3. TIMELESS has been one of the first books I've ever added to my to-read list when I started to read book blogs, so I smile whenever I see it (or its sequel, now). Sadly I haven't got around to read it yet, so I should definitely do so soon before book #2 is going to be released. ;)

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  4. I agree with you, the cover is really pretty! Hopefully the synopsis will be released soon :)

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  5. Beautiful cover and now you have me all curious!
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  6. i have jet to read book 1
    hope u enjoy it


  7. Hmmmm....love the cover!! Just might have to add to my TBR list!

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  8. I have Timeless on my shelf and you just reminded me I should read it soon! Now I'll know there's a sequel and I wont have such a long wait. Yay!

  9. Beautiful cover. <3 It seems like yesterday the first book came out, or maybe I was just late to findng out about it... Great pick!

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  10. OH, I can't wait for this either!! I loved Timeless!

  11. I haven't read the first book. This cover is really pretty though.

  12. Pretty cover. I really gotta read this series.

  13. This looks cute! I like books about time- they can get complicated though!

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