May 1, 2012

My entire month of may will be dedicated to sequels!! Nothing but sequels!! Here's my May TBR!

I preserved this entire month for one reason and one reason alone. May's New Releases!!!! So much AWESOME! I simply must read them all!!! 

Here's my May TBR

First off... I'm reading Timepiece by Myra McEntire!

I know it's not a May New Release but I just got it in the mail yesterday and I simply can't wait! This book must go first. Besides I'm still waiting for my pre-orders to get here! :)

Next on the list just has to be Insurgent by Veronica Roth!

I won't wait a day more than I have to to read this one! I'm just hoping the mail guy brings it fast!!

After that... Definitely gotta go with SHINE by Jeri Smith Ready!!

I've been waiting for this one for FAR too long! And it'll hold me over until my next pre-order arrives...
Last on the list but probably the most EPIC of all!!!
City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare!!!!
I'm already jumping for joy and I haven't even gotten it yet!!! OMG the excitement!!!!

I'm hoping I'll have time for more! 
Judging by how much I LOVE the books in these series, I'm sure I'll be finishing most of these in a day.. SO... If I have time.. I'm definitely reading these too!!!!
Like I said... Tons of AWESOME for one month!!!!
*fangirl squeel*
I can't wait to get started!!!!
What will you guys be reading this month?

P.S. - If your wondering what books release in May.. I've got an EPIC May New Releases video on my sidebar! Or just click here to check it out! :)


  1. I can't decide what to read! I want to read a bunch of popular books before I go to BEA so I know what everyone's talking about...but I want to finish reading my author requests!

    1. I actually told most of the authors that requested reviews from me that they'd have to wait until after May for their reviews.. Thankfully they all understood my reasons :)

  2. I got a ton of books in TBR pile this month but my favorite one (going first) is also a series book...and it's Rapture by Lauren Kate.

    1. That one's at the top of my TBR for June! :D

  3. I am actually in the same boat as ReviewerRachel. I love this idea however. It is very clever because I have such a bad time with reading sequels because I feel that no one will know what I am talking about. Very excited to see your opinion on Timepiece though, I need to get my hands on a copy. I loved Hourglass! Happy reading!

  4. Like you I'll be reading Timeless, COLS, Until I Die & Dreamless. Yup awesome month for quality reads.

  5. I am reading Insurgent right now!! I just finished Endure, book #4 of the Need series. I am going to be reading CoLS first thing on release day. I have it pre ordered for both my nook and the Hardcover special edition with the letter to Jace from his father in the back!! I am also really looking forward to Dreamless!!

  6. I hope you enjoy Insurgent! I so cannot wait to get my hands on it! Here's my May TBR!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  7. This is such a great idea! Dedicating a month to sequels is an awesome idea. I wish I was organized enough to do something like this.

    Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

  8. I am feeling ALL THE NERVOUS. I hope you like TIMEPIECE! <3

  9. Such a cool idea! I should be doing this really but I have loads of blog tours happening this month :)