Jun 21, 2012

This trailer thursday seems like the perfect time for a .... Twilight fangirl moment! Woot! ;)

Let it be known that I am fully aware of the number of people that will be rolling their eyes at this post. I get it. Twilight, it's been played out. It's been overdone. The majority of people are over it.
This Twilight fan is DEFINITELY not over it!
I love Twilight! Will always love Twitlight! And thank Twilight fully for everything I have become today! 
Let the truth be known...
There is a BookLove101 because this girl read Twilight and loved it so much she just never stopped reading!

It's all come down to this movie guys! The last of the last! The end of the Twilight phenomenon! 
Breaking Dawn Part 2
 Here's the EPIC trailer! 
If your anything like me. You know you've already seen it. But your gonna play it again. Just because it's there. And you just can't help it! ;)
(No judgement here guys)

My Thoughts
It's the last movie! That means we've gotta enjoy it while we can! After this, it's over, and I for one, will be a little sad. I saw the last Harry Potter movie last year and haven't thought of Harry Potter since.  It just feels wrong! (miss ya Harry!)
So for now, Let's enjoy the trailer. Hope the movie turns out great, and just savor the Twilight moments while we can!

Who's with me! :D


  1. If not for Twilight I probably would not be the book nut I am today. It was Twilight that got me hooked on reading! I'm so not over Twilight yet either. I can't wait for this one to come out! Thanks for sharing the trailer--I'm totally going to watch it over and over with no shame LOL! XD

  2. I have no shame at all, and I totally just wanted the trailer like 3 times. Twilight got me reading and writing (nothing published) I wouldn't be here without it.

  3. I'm so glad you posted this! I hate that there were so many fans and then all of a sudden it's taboo to like it. So annoying! I loved it from the first page, and I still love it now!

  4. Oh yes, I still love Twilight. Thanks for posting. Twilight got me interested in books again.. So sad it will be over..