Jul 17, 2012

My top list of books I would almost ALWAYS recommend to a new reader!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
I'm proud to say that I've converted quite a few to the "Evil Book Reader" dark side.
Being the book blogger / reader I am.. I get asked this question alot...
Can you recommend something I would like to read?

Why yes.. yes I can recommend something.. In fact.. I can recommend quite a few somethings.

Here's my go to list! The Top Eight Books I will almost ALWAYS recommend to a new reader

1.) The Hunger Games
Ok. I know this book has gotten a bit old. Blame it on hollywood and all that jazz. BUT.. Hollywood also helps in this situation. Often I'll mention.. Have you read the Hunger Games.. It's a movie too! That usually gets people interested....

Once they fall in love with that series and beg for more (Trust me! They always beg for more!) I give them this...

2.) City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
There's alot of hype surrounding this series. Some people hate it. But the majority of people.. LOVE IT! Myself included. So of course this series is at the top of my recommend list! 

Usually by now, I've got a new book reader on my hands! They want more. So here's more....

3.) The Iron King - By Julie Kagawa
If they loved the first two as much as I did.. Their gonna love this one.. We all know.. J Kagawa can do no wrong! And this series is obsession worthy for sure! 

Still asking for more... 

4.) Shade - By Jeri Smith Ready
How bout we add a little paranormal heartache to the list! They'll be a fan of paranormal after this book. There's no doubt about that! 

 Time to really broaden their outlook on books....

5.) Vampire Academy - By Richelle Mead
Gotta throw a little Vampire love in the mix! One Reason.. These people have most likely already read Twilight and are probably hesitant to read more Vampire books. My goal is to change that. Vampire books are pretty awesome! These in particular are EPIC!!! 

Where can I possibly go from here?

6.) Half Blood - By Jennifer L. Armentrout
If these new readers are anything like me.. They'll be craving more Vampire Academy when their done with the series.. The Covenant Series is the next best thing!!! It's got a little Vampire Academy flavor with a whole new uber swoon worthy love triangle, mixed with a new story just waiting to be discovered. They will love this. I promise you!

The list wouldn't be complete without this next one...

7.) Divergent - By Veronica Roth
Doesn't matter whether this book reader is a boy or girl.. They will love this book. Action. Love. More action.. This book keeps you reading and wanting more....

Now that's a tough act to follow.... So far the readers gotten a taste of Vampires, Dystopian, Ghosts, Greek Gods, and more... Only one more place to go from here....

8.)Anna and the French Kiss - By Stephanie Perkins
Do not let the name fool you... This book is pretty amazing!! In fact, I'm fairly confident that my prospective new reader will gobble it up in one night by this point. I'm usually right. I've yet to be wrong! ;)

Once you've gotten to this point... You don't need my help anymore.
Your an official book reader!
Your slightly obsessed.. and totally ready to read more!
I don't blame you.
That's a pretty EPIC list! ;)

The world of reading is yours to discover!


  1. I would read all of those except the last one. Not a fan of contemporary. I LOOOOVE Vampire Academy. When someone ask, I always give that as a recommendation.

    I've read Shade and the Hunger Games as well. The rest are still on my wish list.

  2. This is such a fun list.. I have read most of them but the couple that I haven't, I want to read now. Wonderful idea and great way to share it!!

  3. Fun list. You're right - once you start falling in love with reading it's easy to become obsessed and finish that list for yourself!

  4. Fantastic list! I haven't read Shade or Half-Blood but they sound amazing! I actually converted one of my best friends into an avid reader by forcing her to read Anna and the French Kiss!

  5. I am one of the Clare dislikers and i haven't read shade yet, but I definitely agree with the rest of your list! Especially VA!!!!! that is the series that I still think about an love even though it has been down for over a year (maybe the even better spin off causes me to re-read it or the incredible writing and characters!)

  6. I love the topic you chose, Amanda! I TOTALLY agree with ANNA, and the VA series! Those are FAB choices for a new reader. :)

    My Top Ten

  7. Interesting books. I admit, I have been vampire shy since twilight, but maybe it's time to break out of my shell with Vampire Academy. All the others on your list look great.

  8. Dang, I haven't read any of these! I have read Obsidian by Jennifer and liked it.