Aug 7, 2012

Tons of ME in this Top Ten Tuesday! Talk about a walk down memory lane!


I was particularly proud of this post. Here's where I explain in detail how to convert a non-reader into aYA lover! It's got an 80% success rate! I'm not bragging at all! ;)

Check out my Five Star Favorite Reads and what I said about them!
This post contains one of my ever so creative videos! If you know me by now you know.. This girl likes to make videos! This was a cute compilation of my favorite reads from this year along a few phrases from my reviews. 

No post of mine would ever be complete without mentioning my obsession with this actor, this movie, and THIS SERIES!!!! Rise of Nine can't get here soon enough!
Click the link and add a little Alex P to your day! You know you want too! 

This book blogger loves quotes! And quotes from books! Even better! This post was a chance to share some of my favorites!

My Bookshelf... From then.. To Now!!! (It's grown so much *wipes away tear*)
This post is a compilation of pics featuring my book shelf. It's definitely grown since I started book blogging!

Top Ten Books that Broke My Heart
Another top ten tuesday post. Here's where I list all those books that made me an emotional wreck! Gotta love those kind of reads!

Check out my list of Top Ten Book Boyfriends in 2011!! 
Here's another video creation from me. As part of the Top Ten of 2011 event....This one contains a list of my favorite book boyfriends I read about that year. Out of all the book related video's I've made. This one happens to be one of my favorites! 

My favorite YA couples! 2011 Edition! Part (video)
Here's another one of my videos! Yes I make alot of them! This one is also a favorite of mine. Best book couples of 2011. I'm gonna have to update this one to a 2012 version soon! That's for sure!

Follow Friday #10
This is a follow friday post. The post itself isn't really all that important. But the picture in the post.. Well that's something I'm kinda proud of. It shows exactly how dedicated this book reader is! Rain or shine! I'm reading a book! Can you find me in the pic? Bet you can! ;)

I'm Back!!!!
And last but not least. I had to include this post. It's the FIRST post ever written on this blog. The post that started it all! Nothing much to it really..
 Just a promise
 I promised book reviews, bookshelf tours, updates, and so much more...
I think I've accomplished that. At least I hope so.
Consider this promise kept!

Tons of AWESOME in this post! Tons of ME in this post! This was definitely an interesting Top Ten Tuesday entry. Talk about a walk down memory lane! Loved it!


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