Sep 19, 2012

Check it out! It's the CUTEST keychain GIVEAWAY EVER!!!

A friend of mine has decided to take on a new business venture, and Booklove101 is always here to help!
Specially when the key chains are so darn cute!

I know I'm not the only blogger out there that's constantly looking for stuff to put my blog logo on
Key chains are great, but they usually come at a pretty high price

These are pretty perfect! Good quality! Good price! Endless possibilites!

Here's a few I had made for my blog!

You can put any picture you like in these!!! Check out these with some of my favorite book covers!
Totally LOVE them!

She even makes BOOKMARKS! How sweet are these!

If your interested in ordering some of your own just email her at craftsbyvanessa (at) gmail (dot) com

And now
How about a Giveaway!

Here's your chance to win a keychain, necklace, lanyard of bookmark of your own!
Put any pic you'd like in it! Favorite book! Blog logo! Picture of your cat! Anything goes!

Just fill out the rafflecopter below to enter!
Best of luck everyone!

Unfortunately I did not get a reply back from the first winner, so I thought I'd give a runner up prize!
I'm giving away one of my own lovely keychains!

The winner is

Jessica M. 

Congrats! Hope you love it!


  1. This is such a nice personal gift. I hope I win.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

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