Sep 21, 2012

Review: Last Rite by Lisa Desrochers

In this final installment of the thrilling, edgy Personal Demons series, the battle between Heaven and Hell has become critical, and Frannie Cavanaugh is right at the center of it.

With the help of the powerful angel Gabe and demon-turned-mortal Luc, Frannie has been able to stay one step ahead of the forces of Hell. But when the demons killed Frannie's best friend and destroyed her brother, they raised the stakes. If Frannie wants to keep her family and friends safe, she knows she has no choice but to go on the run.

Their best defense is the power Frannie has been struggling to master, but her attempts to hone her skill go horribly awry. If Frannie doesn't learn fast, the consequences could be devastating--even apocalyptic.

What happens when you can't outrun Hell...or trust the ones you love?
I've been holding back on this review. It's been a few weeks since I've read the book and the review has been following me around ever since. I knew I had to write it. I just didn't really want to. I'm having the worst luck with sequels this year. Books that I've loved in the past, waited months for, and read with complete and utter excitement. Books that just didn't live up to my expectations. Books that I wish, were maybe a little better? 
This wasn't a bad book. It was interesting. The writing was great. I absolutely adore this series and this author. 
In fact, if there was another book in this series, I would totally read it! 
I have not lost faith!
 But the events in this book  were a bit disappointing for me.The storyline was a little dull. Perhaps because of the lack of romance? That sizzling romance that kept me turning pages in the last two books just fizzled out with this one. Disappointing considering how much I LOVED that romance in the first two. Basically my favorite part of the series was just, missing. Don't get me wrong, it was there, the whole Frannie being torn between Luc or Gabe. It just wasn't "wow" worthy. It wasn't much at all. Throw in a plot line that dragged out way too much and an ending that wasn't really all that great. I've got another sequel book that I just didn't really like.
This book gets three stars from me. I just wish it had been a bit better. All this aside, I'm still looking forward to more from this author. I'm a fan, through and through. I hope to read and love more from her in the future.


  1. i agree, this book was kind of a let-down for me too.. It wasn't as interesting or humorous as the other two books. not even action-packed either. but i love Lisa Desrochers, and I would also read the next book if there was one.

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  2. I agree. I wasn't a huge fan of the series anyway but I thought the first book had a sense of fun and this one seemed like it was trying to get wrapped up.