Oct 16, 2012

These Authors Can Do NO WRONG in my book! Here's My Top Ten!

We've all got our set of authors that we know and love! 
They write and write and we read and read!
I'm so much more than just a fan when it's comes to these authors.. I'm a DEDICATED reader!
Throw something on paper and say they wrote it.. I'm already pre-ordering it, obsessing over it, and LOVING it!

Here's my list of Five Authors That Can Do NO WRONG!

And My TOP Five Authors that might just join that list!
These authors have a few more books to write before officially joining the list... but their doing pretty awesome so far! ;)

In all honesty, the list could go on and on! There's so many great authors out there these days! I'm adding new names to the list EVERYDAY! 
Such a great time to be a reader isn't it! 


  1. im definitly a fan of #2 and #10, i will have to check out some of the others!

    Katie @ Inkk

  2. For me it's #3,5, 8 & 10. Great list of authors.

  3. I'm a huge fan of #1, 2, 3, 4, and 7! I'll definitely need to check out some of the other authors who I haven't heard of! Great list!

    Check out myTop Ten

  4. I've enjoyed books by Mead, Snyder & Clare as well. A few of the other authors you mentioned, their books are on my reading list.

  5. I totally agree with Richelle Mead and Maria V Snyder! I love all the stuff I've read from them. Beth Revis is also awesome :D

  6. Love, love, love Julie Kagawa and Richelle Mead. Definitely two of my faves. Great List!

  7. #1 I am totally in love with, everything she writes is amazing. I reallu like Allie Condie too. :)