Nov 22, 2012

Taking A Break

I honestly hate saying this because this blog and reading is such a big part of me.. Recent events in my life have left me feeling a bit down and my heart just isn't in it lately. I'm going to be taking a little break. I hope I won't be gone too long.

All prescheduled promo posts for the year will still be posted as planned.

Love you guys!
See you soon


  1. yes, don’t be gone too long! And hope you’ll be able to work out things. :) cheer up!

  2. I totally understand. I took a total break for a few weeks & feel refreshed now. Im a bit nervous about the MASSIVE TBR pile ahead of me, but as they say "One day or book at a time". I lost all like for blogging and felt burnt out. My heart wasnt in it & the hurricane that destroyed my basement and EVERYTHING in it didnt help :(
    Ill take it slow & not overwhelm myself or over book myself.
    I hope you find your place of peace :)
    I like your blog a lot. Have a beautiful holiday season <3
    Bella's Bookshelf

  3. Completely understandable. Sometimes things happen & it's important to take some time for yourself. I hope things get better for you real soon! *hugs*

  4. take you it all out...we all will still be here waiting for you. :))

  5. *hugs* Take all the time you need. I hope the break helps you get back into blogging again.

  6. I'm right there with you. School is catching up with me and at the end of the day i just want to go to bed and not make post. I have four major weeks of school left (i say major cuz there is a lot going on in all my classes) then I will take a break and relax. Hope everything gets better for you!

  7. Hope everything gets better for you!