May 26, 2016

I've Got Another Book Flower for you!!! Check it out! The Mirror King by Jodie Meadows!

I'm back again guys!

With another beautiful flower to show you! This flower was inspired by my most recent read. A truly amazing book! The review is coming soon I promise! Reviews take so long to write, but I'll get there, just bare with me! Ha!

 Anyway here's what you've all come here to see...

 My latest BOOKFLOWER creation!

 Inspired by The Mirror King by Jodie Meadows
Click here to check out the book on goodreads!

And stay tuned next time for another beautiful bookish flower creation!!

 If youd like to have one of these pretty flowers to put on your own bookshelf just let me know! Or stop by my etsy shop! I love making custom flowers! Specially the bookish kind! :)

I'm reading a little Steivater next! Those flowers are going to be amazing! Just wait and see! :)