Jun 1, 2016

Back today with another beautiful book flower! This one was suggested to me by Brooke Banks of The Broke Book Bank!

First of all I'd like to say thank you to Brooke from The Broke Book Bank for this amazing suggestion!!
I LOVE the colors I used on this flower!!! I loved it so much I made all 3 books! But I'll post the other two books soon! haha! One flower at a time of course!

Enough chit chat, here's the flower....

This is only the first flower I made for this book... oh there's more! The book cover is stunning, so how can I just stop at one design right? Stay tuned for more Smoke and Bone flowers!!! Their drying right now and waiting for me to add a bit of sparkle! 

I've also got flowers for the next two books as well!
I'll post the flower for Days of Blood and Starlight soon!!!
That one is truly my favorite!
Can't wait to show you guys!!!

And thankyou again Brooke! For the amazing suggestion! DM me if you see this and send me your address! I'm sending this particular flower to you! :)