Jun 26, 2016

We all need a random update post every now and then!!

So wow its been a crazy last few weeks! I've taken my little flower shop to all new levels and my book flower creations.. well.. they keep getting better! Seriously guys.. Im so proud of these!

Have you seen them yet?

Here's a few pictures just to catch you up on things....

OK back to the post!
So what are my plans...

I've decided to switch my book flower list giveaways to monthly rather than weekly. Just figured the prize can be bigger this way and it gives more people a chance to spread the word! What's my goal.. to share my book flowers with the world! Big dreams? Oh yes!! Lol!

So I'm working on the list that already has over 100 entries! Is it possible to make 100+ flowers? Oh you bet I'll try! Note to self: Consider adding a donate button before these book flowers make you go broke! Ha! Just kidding... you guys are worth it!

As for plans with this blog. I need to post more bookish things. And I am reading. So we can expect more reviews soon. These book flowers need inspiration to back up their beauty! :)  I'm thinking about ramping up my blog side bars, they definitely need some tweeking! But how to do that? I'm not even sure? So there's that...

Oh and more giveaways! I've got tons coming up! Be ready for that guys! There's nothing I love more than giving! Lol!

Well I guess that's it for now...

Stay tuned for more book flowers, more book poats, and more giveaways! After so long away from my blog.. it's finally starting to feel like the good Ole days! Yay! :)


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