Aug 1, 2011

Review: Unwind - Neal Shusterman

This book was a rollercoaster ride of emotion for me. I feel like I need to say what the book is about to really make my review work. This book takes place in the future. The United States had a 2nd civil war fought between pro choice and pro life believers. As a compromise for the two the government decided that abortions were illegal. Instead all babies were required to be grown until the age of 13. Between the ages of 13 and 18 the parents have the option to unwind thier child. Unwinding is basically cutting the child in pieces and donating each piece to other living people. They claim that since the pieces are technically living simply in a divided state..the child is never actually dead. Therefore no child ever has to die.

This book brought back so many thoughts and questions that I've had in the past. Basically the thought of death is what haunts me...not knowing what comes after. People choose to believe in heaven, others reincarnation. I however have doubts in both. I want to believe in heaven, I want to believe we have a soul, but my doubts are enough to scare me. After reading this book i'm kind of glad to have found i'm not the only one that thinks this way.

If anyone is ever bored and wants to read a book that just really makes you think. This is it. Trust me.


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