Mar 28, 2012

Want it, Need it, would gladly sell a limb for a chance to read it!!! (Waiting on Wednesday)

 Waiting On Wednesday was started by Jill over at 

This Weeks Pick
I just had to go with this book this week.  A book that I'm seeing EVERYWHERE!!! A book that I can't stop thinking about! A book that I'm dieing to read!
(and silently sobbing that I missed out on the blog tour)
Yup I'm talking about...

People are gushing like crazy about how AMAZING this book is! 
And ya know what... I totally believe them!!! 
It's just one of those books. 
The kind you obsessively pine for. 
Then greedily gobble down in one sitting! 
Yup totally planning on doing that! lol!
The fact that it comes out in about 6 days!
OMG!!!!!! This book reader is getting a little impatient!
I want it now!
Nuff said!


  1. Amazon and TBD got their shipments in early and have been sending out the books already if you order it, you'll get it before it's "release" date.. same goes for the ebook version.

    It is worth gushing over because it really is THAT good!! :D

  2. OOOh nice!! I did really like this one! Already dying to read Deity!!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Got my copy of Pure in last week from amazon and it was AMAZING!!! Now we have to wait till fall for the next book to come out... =(

  4. You can get it now! It released early!! It's so good. ;)

    1. I totally didn't know that... buying it right now!!!! :)

  5. I just finished reading, Damion today and will be reading Half-Blood next week..all of them are on my nook..eagerly awaiting me. great pick!

  6. I really enjoyed both Daimon and Half-Blood and a friend of mine just read Pure and she loved it. I will never be able to get over just how gorgeous the covers for those books are. ♥