Nov 7, 2012

Meet Crow from Rootless! And check out this AWESOME Giveaway on the Rootless Blog Tour!

 Meet Crow … from ROOTLESS

Today on the BOOK BLOG TOUR we have an exclusive character interview with everyone's favorite seven-foot tall Rastafarian bodyguard. How Crow ever got wrangled into this Q&A is a mystery… but I'm sure he had his motives!

In your world, the only thing that grows is genetically-modified corn. I bet you're sick of eating it! If you could have any other food, what would it be? 
"I'd be eating pure food. Fresh food. Plucked straight from the soil or branches. Eat it simple at first, no cooking or messing. Then I'd start to baking. Make me a shepherdess pie of lentils and spices. You heard of them lentils? Supposed to be real good tasting. Vital for the body and soul."

Tell us a bit about the Frost family you work for: 
"Frost? What do you want to know about him? Man's crooked as the day is long. He waddles and slobbers, but he's quick-sharp, no mistaking. His son's just a boy who eats too much. And Miss Zee? She thinks too much, that be her problem. That and those crusted lungs she wheezes through. But she's sweetness, all right. So is her momma. Damaged and broken, but sweetness too."

What does it mean to be a Watcher?
"Means I shouldn't be talking to you, if you be sniffing around Mister Frost and causing nothing but trouble."

We all have aspirations. What was yours when you were a child?
"Look at you and your fancy big words. What you want to know - that I grew up wanting to be a watcher? You think as a boy, I dreamed of doing as I'm told and slaving away for some crook? Or maybe you think that ain't all there is to old Crow. Maybe you best go on and keep guessing."

Do you believe there are real trees growing somewhere out there?
"Aye. There be such places where wild things grow. I and I never been more sure of nothing. This world is big, see. Big and unknown. You just have to be looking in the right place to find Zion. You have to heed the right call."

How would you react if you saw a real tree?
"I'd climb it. All the way up to its littlest branches. First time I see one, that's what I'll do."

What did you think of Banyan, the tree builder, when you first met him? 
"That little man? He be crazy cool, I knew it right off. Swaggering about the place, like he could hustle his way into all your good graces. His mouth jabbering. Eyes that tell no lie."

Why were you named Crow?
"All Soljahs be named after Jah's creatures that reside in Zion."

Tell us about the locusts. Have you ever come face to face with one?
"One? You don't come face to face with one. You see one locust, you be seeing one thousand. All of them swarming and screaming and ripping in close. I seen the swarms, though. True enough. Too many times to count."

Have you ever been in love?

How would you like your story to end?
"My story? That what you calling this? This all some game to you, I suppose. Well, Crow ain't going out easy. One door closes, Crow be opening up the next door right quick."

Learn more about Crow and the world of ROOTLESS at

17-year-old Banyan is a tree builder. Using salvaged scrap metal, he creates forests for rich patrons who seek a reprieve from the desolate landscape. Although Banyan's never seen a real tree--they were destroyed more than a century ago--his missing father used to tell him stories about the Old World.

Everything changes when Banyan meets a mysterious woman with a strange tattoo, a map to the last living trees on earth, and he sets off across a wasteland from which few return. Those who make it past the pirates and poachers can't escape the locusts . . . the locusts that now feed on human flesh.

But Banyan isn't the only one looking for the trees, and he's running out of time. Unsure of whom to trust, he's forced to make an alliance with Alpha, an alluring, dangerous pirate with an agenda of her own. As they race towards a promised land that might only be a myth, Banyan makes shocking discoveries about his family, his past, and how far people will go to bring back the trees.

Before he wrote stories, Chris Howard wrote songs, studied natural resources management, and led wilderness adventure trips for teenagers. He currently lives in Denver, CO, and ROOTLESS is his first novel. Join him at
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  23. Thanks so much for providing this fun stop on the ROOTLESS Blog Tour! I was finally able to track down Phil Falco (Art Director at Scholastic) and we chatted about cover designs and ROOTLESS here: Sort of a Blog Tour Encore as this Q&A had originally been scheduled as part of the tour! I really appreciate everyone who's made this whole thing such a blast - all the bloggers and readers and the people who've commented or got in touch and asked questions. And congrats to the lucky winners of the Giveaway Prize Packs. I hope you enjoy the T-shirt my friend made and the book that I wrote! Happy reading, everyone. And thanks for all your support and enthusiasm!